#Pet introduction

Pets obtained from WANAKA Farm Events

After the launching of Partnership Signature Pet (Brawlio88, Kmanus88’s cat and Duckdao’s duck) and Special Event Pet (Halloween / Christmas Pet, …). We have decided to develop our Pet collection with more options and classified into 03 main Categories:

  1. Farm Care Pet,
  2. Support Pet, and
  3. Battle Pet.


Support the Farming (Watering/feeding, Breed, Raise, Harvest


Support the Character energy, speed…



Crafting your own pet with WANAKA Farm Pet System

Not only obtaining the pet from special events, which is limited by quantity or Timeline, WANAKA Farm give you the opportunity to assemble your own Pet from using WAI and Mutated items. This kind of Pet assembly requires a Pet incubator. Follow the instruction below:

In order to make yourself a pet, you need to have an incubator placed on your Land and buy according recipes from the WanaShop with $WAI. You can visit our marketplace to buy 01 Incubator selling in $WANA and deposit into the Game to use.

Pet incubator

Everytime you CRAFT an Egg, You have to wait 24hrs in INCUBATE to CLAIM your New Egg. Then, you have 02 options:

(1) Open the Egg – Check the Egg System Menu. If you are lucky enough, you can get a rare Pet like Uncommon or rarer levels to use.

(2) Sell the Egg on WanaTrade or our web Marketplace and earn the $WANA.

Notice: Opened Eggs (Pet) cannot sell ingame anymore

You need to withdraw the pet from the game account to your wallet and list it on our supported marketplaces

Until Patchnotes 1.0.11 Update on our Blog, which was released in Mar 2022, we have completely deployed 02 new important Pets, Rolly and Talpa as Farm Care Pet. Details about Farm Care Pet will be defined in the next part.