#Mutated items

Once you start farming, you might get some mutated items, those items cannot do the breeding anymore. However, you can replant it on the land to get the generated $WAI earning. This $WAI amount will be generated fully in 01 or 02 days.

Mutated items after harvesting the $WAI can be Processed in the Factory to obtain Element-2 including Cropi, Fruity, Aqua and Cattle potion 2.

These special elements are used for Pet egg assembly or Land upgrade after level 10 – Check the condition to Upgrade Land Level)

Mutated item


Cook ingredient


Ice Cabbage

Aether Wheat

Torch Corn

-02 energy
-40 -05 $WAI


Cropi Potion 2 x 01

Steeve Apple

Orb Mango

Thing Orange

-04 energy
-80 -10 $WAI


Fruity Potion 2 x 02

Nova Fish

Chitari Carp

Mister Plaice

-06 energy
-120 -15 $WAI


Aqua Potion 2 x 03

Hello Cow

Agamoto Pig

Invisible Goat

-08 energy
-160 -20 wai


Cattle Potion 2 x 04

Or if you prefer a simple way, just sell the whole Mutated iteams (so called NFT) on WanaTrade and get the payment in $WANA

Selling NFT in WanaTrade – Payment in $WANA

In addition, when you own certain special mutated items, you might have the right to participate in our events and mini games. Details to be updated in the future.